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During his time in Campus Life Jake* asked insightful questions, respectfully listened to the presentations of the Gospel, and at times expressed an interest in giving his life to Christ. Sadly, Jake has not yet taken that step of faith to receive Christ as his Savior and King, but the good news is that I am watching in what seems to be slow motion as his heart continues opening to God.

This hope however, is mixed with sorrow, because as I recently sat across from him and asked about college life, his dreams for the future, and how his family is going, I saw someone who is still looking for life in all the wrong places.

To numb the pain of his parent's separation - he fills his time with an unending stream of entertainment.

To hide his insecurities - he has built his image off of working on cars and collecting guns.

To prove he’s not a failure and deserves to be loved - he continues chasing after a girl who rejected him.

These examples are all surface level symptoms of a deep heart issue. My heart broke as I saw these examples of how Jake is placing his trust in all the wrong places while God is offering him true life.

Many students like Jake are looking for life in all the wrong places, but our prayer is that God would continue to use YFC to help many, many students come to know Christ during their middle school and high school years. Would you please join us in prayer for Jake and the following?

• That those who have rejected Him to this point would have an experience like the woman at the well (John 4) and come to see the folly of looking for true life in anything but Christ.

• For all our past Campus Life students who have graduated without receiving Christ.

• God's anointing upon our Staff and volunteer leaders, that they would be used by God to plant seeds of the Gospel that come to bear fruit.

In service to Him and for students like Jake,

Mark Larson

Area Director North Suburbs

*Student's name has been changed

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