Open Doors

Posted on by Youth for Christ

A month ago as we shared the Gospel at Campus Life and received some very negative responses from a number of our students. This wasn’t a new or surprising reaction. 1 Corinthians 1 tells us “…the message of the Cross is foolishness” to those who are lost. A few of our regular students even heard that we were going to be talking about Jesus and decided that they weren't going to come at all. In their mind, Campus Life was getting too "religious."

One of those students was "Kelly."  A few weeks later, Kelly came with us to BASH (our high school outreach weekend). The message shared at BASH was very clear and once again, Gospel-centered.  This time the response from Kelly was quite different. During the small group times, she shared how she used to have strong faith, but since then has walked away from it. Just recently, Kelly has really started to come back to her faith, and Campus Life has been there to walk alongside her as she figures out what that exactly means.

This was a huge step for a girl that we never thought would have responded that way. It was an open door that wasn’t there before the weekend, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to join what God is doing in Kelly’s life and the lives of many other students in our area.

Kevin Loughrin
Campus Life Director, Downers Grove

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