The Gift of Life

Posted on by Youth for Christ

At Campus Life, Isaac* shared that he was recently suspended for cussing at a teacher and shoving another student into a locker. He wasn't afraid to share his mess with us. At that point, he didn’t know Jesus or have a personal relationship with him.  Over the past semester when we have shared the Gospel with him, his response was always that he wasn't interested nor ready for Jesus.

Last weekend he came to BASH (our high school winter retreat) closed off and not sharing. Saturday night during the big-group club session, he heard that Jesus came to earth to pay the penalty by dying for his sins and that the gift of life is given through Jesus.  At that moment the walls Isaac had put up, came tumbling down. 

As he opened his heart, he began weeping. The realization that Jesus could make a difference in his life hit home, and Isaac said yes to our Savior for the first time.  Isaac’s life is now open to Jesus’ molding and I can't wait to see his story unfold!

Sara Burgett
Campus Life Director, Lake Central

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